Nigerian Institution of Surveyors

Paper 1
''Monitoring Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Yankari Games Reserve of Bauchi-Nigeria''
Paper 2
Reliability Study Of A Sample Triangulation Network Of Object Stations On Dams
Using Geodetic & Optimization Techniques
Paper 3
Shoreline Mapping and Bathymetry Of Eagle
Island, Rivers State Using High Resolution
Satellite Imagery
Paper 4
Spatial Evaluation of Sites for Wind Energy Potential in a Section of Nigeria using Geospatial Technology
Paper 5
A study on the Role of Surveyors in the
Development of Divine Hectares Estate,
lifestyle and Golf City, Enugu.

Paper 6
Unlocking Nigeria Land Capital: Surveying & Mapping for Economic Recovery
Paper 7
Imperative of Landcover and Landuse
Mapping in the Economic Recovery of
Inhabitants of Kaduna, Kaduna State
Paper 8
The Potentials Of Kiri Dam To Supply
Electricity Energy To Adamawa State
And Some Part Of North Eastern Nigeria

Paper 9
Airborne Lidar Technology Application in Oil & Gas Facility Site Selection and Planning in Nigeria
Paper 10
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