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1.  G.O Ajayi

National Information Technology Infrastructure and Spatial Data Management

2.   Matthew N. Ono & J.I.Igbokwe
GIS-Based Map Production and Revision: which Coordinates, Coordinated Systems and Transformation Parameters?

3.   Abubakar A. Musa
The Application of Satellite Images, G.P.S & G.I.S in Revising Township Maps Case Study of Jimeta-Yola, Adamawa State

4.   Abubakar Akinyele Musa
The Use of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS) in Executing Terrain Analysis for Siting GSM Transmitting Masts

5.   J.D. Dodo
A Proposal for Extension Architecture of the European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Services (GNOS) to Africa

6.   Eugene C. Onyeka
Geospatial Information Techniques in Monitoring Petroleum Products Diversion

7.   Eugene C. Onyeka
Monitoring Regional and Local Earth Dynamics Using Space Geodesy Techiques


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1.   F.I Okeke, N.K. Ndukwe and A.C. Oturu
Cropped Area Mapping of Nigeria UsingTime-Series NDVI Data: A Case Study of Southeastern Nigeria

2.   P.C Nwilo, O.J. Omotilewa and A.S. Alademomi
Spatial Mapping and Analysis of HIV/AIDS Pandemic in Lagos State, Nigeria

3.   S.Azua
The Impact of Deforestation on the Land System in Zaria

4.   F.I Okeke, N.K. Ndukwe, and A.C. Oturu
Statellite Remote Sensing and Agrometeorological-Based Early Warning for Food Security for Nigeria

5.   Oliver C. Ojinnaka
The Theory and Application of the 'Curve Constant in Curve Ranging'

6.  M.L. Ojigi and B.A Dang
3-Dimension Data Validation of Shuttle Radar Topograhic Mission ( SRTM) in Lokoja Area of Nigeria

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1.   T.T. Youngu and P.C. Nwilo
Synergizing Population Densities and Metadata for the Development of Urban Centres in the Ginea Current Large Marine Ecosystem Region

2.   S. Enemark
Land Governanace: Supporting the Global Agenda and Serving Society

3.   P.C. Nwilo, O.A. Odujoko and T.A. Alaka
Application of GIS and GPS for Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Solution: A Case of Satellite and GSM Communications Platforms

4.   M.N. Ono, C. Onwuzuligbo and D.I. Ijioma
Status of Geodetic Control Network in Anambra State, Nigeria

5.   O.A Isioye, J.B. Olaleye, T.T. Youngu and K.F. Aleem
Modelling Orthometric Height from GPS-Levelling Observations and Global Gravity Model (EGM08) for Rivers State, Nigeria

6.   E.E. Epuh, P.C. Nwilo and S.K. Adekunle
Evaluation of the Spatial Distribution and Retention of Criteria Pollutant ( Carbon monoxide) Using Geographic Information System. A Case Study of Ikeja Local Government Area, Lagos

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1.   D.N Olayinka, P.C. Nwilo, E.A. Adzandeh, and S.M. Oludiji
Flood mapping and Landuse Change Analysis of Ogun River Catchment, Nigeria

2.   O.A. Isioye, P. Jobin, and T.T Youngu
An Assessment of Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) from Different Spatial Data Sources

3.   M.L. Ojigi
Orbit stability Analysis of NigeriaSat-1 Spacecraft Using Predicted Two lines Elements Sets Data for 2004-2011

4.   D.N. Olayinka, P.C. Nwilo, A.S. Adefarati, E.A. Adzandeh and A. Atagbaza
Analysis of Landuse Change and Land Surface Temperature in Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun State, Nigeria

5.   R.O. Oyinloye, and J. Oloukoi
Problems and Innovative Solutions for Tropical Coastal Mapping of Large Scale Using Partially Cloud Covered High Resolution Satellite Data in Southwestern Nigeria

6.   U.O. Momoh, O.A. Isioye, and Y.A. Aliyu
Assessment of Rainwater Harvest Potential in Samaru Area of Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria Using G\eoinformation Technology

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