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About NIS

The Nigerian Institution of Surveyors is perhaps one of the oldest organized bodies in Nigeria. it started in 1934 as the “Licensed Surveyors Association” under the able leadership of the late Nationalist, Herbert Heelas Macaulay.

In 1960, the name was changed to the “Land Surveyors Association of Nigeria” with late Surv. C. T. Olumide as chairman.

The current name – “The Nigerian Institution of Surveyors” was adopted at the Enugu conference in 1966 with the late Surv. C. T. Olumide elected as its first President. The Nigerian Institution of Surveyors is the umbrella professional organisation for all Surveyors in Nigeria, whether in private practice, government or academia.

The Institution has its set goals and objectives clearly defined to its members.
Activities include branch meetings, conferences and events.

NIS Membership Structure

The council of the Institution is the highest decision making body, subject only to the Annual General Meeting. The council is composed of the elected Executives Officers, representative of State Branches, Women-in-Surveying, the Academia, Association of Private Practicing Surveyors and other recognised sub-group. The highest body, the Board of Fellows is composed of the Institution and serves as the highest body of membership with advisory and arbitration function.

Aims of NIS

The aims and objectives of NIS can be summarised as follows:
-To general represent the views of the Surveying profession in the Federal Republic ofNigeria, to preserve and maintain its integrity and status, to consider and deal with matters affecting professional interest of members of the institution.
-To promote and encourage the training and retraining of surveyors.
-To promote the improvement of surveying, mapping and geoinfomtaics through seminars, workshops, symposia, publication, the mandatory continuing professional Development and Education of surveyors
-To set and maintain the highest standards of professional conduct, ethics and discipline among
It members.
-To seek and protect the welfare and interest (the economic and social) of member of the institution and to foster the public interest in the matters affecting
-To seek and foster good relationship among members of the institution and members
Of other professional organization in the country and abroad.
-To provide avenue for free exchange of ideas between the institution and similar organizations Of this and other countries.
-To serve and advise the government on legislative and matters Concerning the practice of surveying in the country.
-To cater for the interests of public and private practitioners, Academia. Survey students and other organisations under it
-To seek the professional well-being of its members.
-To maintain the integrity of the profession and enhance its status.
-To provide and support the meduim of for training of Surveyors and improve Survey techniques
-To maintain the highest standard of professional practice and conduct among its members.
-To interact with and advice Government on legislative matters as they affect the profession and genreally