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Nigerian Institution of Surveyors > New Technologies > BS 8204 : FLOOR SURFACE REGULARITY SURVEYS
Feb 12, 2019 Posted by: Lumiere Webmaster New Technologies Uncategorized

Survey Solutions are pleased to now offer floor surface level surveys to check compliance to BS 8204 within the National Structural Concrete Specification and National Building Specification.

The BS 8204 survey assesses the unevenness of concrete and screeded floors on new built properties below a temporary datum of a 2m straight edge as a +/- measurement. Tolerances are graded as SR1, SR2 or SR3 depending on the intended use of the floor. The survey can be included as part of an overall as-built survey or as a stand alone service with the results added to proposed layout plans. Typically the number of tests undertaken is calculated as the total square meterage of the floor area divided by 20 but can be tailored to any individual circumstance.

For more information about BS8204:Floor Surface Regularity Surveys visit Concrete Society or contact one of our team.