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The new tools of the surveying trade

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Feb 12, 2019 Posted by: Lumiere Webmaster New Technologies

It’s easy to save yourself time, hassle and – most importantly – money, with these handy new technological innovations.

1. For multi-tasking surveyors: Taskful

If you give yourself an incentive, you could complete more tasks. Taskful’s “smart to-do list” app and task manager helps you stay on track and meet your deadlines through the use of colourful and interactive checklists. Simply add in a task and the date it needs to be completed by, and the app will let you know what you need to complete each day in order to meet the deadline. The task could be anything, from work quotas, reading a set number of pages in a book, to exercising for a certain number of minutes per week. When you’ve finished each “sub-task”, check it off and move to the next.

2. For site managers: Trackunit

Now… where did I leave that excavator? With the Trackunit Go app, you can track your entire organisation’s vehicle fleet or the whereabouts of construction equipment, and view which assets are working, moving or stopped. Increasing knowledge of your machinery’s downtime helps raise efficiency and reduce costs. With the “Manager” version, you can also obtain an overview of the health of your fleet – what requires maintenance and when – and set alarms to reduce concern around theft or unauthorised equipment use: you’ll receive a warning if a vehicle moves without your permission.

3. For team players: Trello

Ever wish you could do away with those lengthy email chains or cumbersome spreadsheets to track and manage work? Trello’s free, flexible app is a great way to visualise your projects and organise the workflow of your entire team. Think of Trello as a communal notice board where colleagues can share ideas, identify who’s doing what, check when it’s been completed, see which tasks are outstanding, and review what’s in the pipeline. You can also write comments, or add photos, videos or PDFs to tasks, which automatically sync to everyone’s devices and save to the cloud.